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A new way to develop websites and mobile applications.

Creating a new Kimun8ty of websites and mobile applications

In Canada today, over 85% of the population has access to the internet. As well, there are over 20+ million smart phone users today. Website and mobile applications are the most effective way for modern organizations to communicate with their customers. At Kimun8ty Technologies, we are committed to providing affordable cutting edge technology to organizations of all sizes to help them meet their objectives.

Helping reduce the risk to enable your business to grow

While incorporating new technology into your business is a good long-term investment, there are a lot of risks associated with it. Price, features, and how effective the new technology is all play a factor. At Kimun8ty Technologies, we understand the risks associated with purchasing new technology. To help reduce the risk, we created a software development plan that charges monthly. This way you can evaluate if the solution is right for you and cancel at any time. This model reduces risk by saving time and money. For more information, check out the pricing section of the website.

Website Development

One of the most important investments organizations of all sizes should make is a modern up-to-date website. At Kimun8ty Technologies we can provide a website of any size, functionality, and look to meet your organizations needs. We specialize in cloud website integration to help attract new customers, centralize important company data, and manage current customers.

Mobile Application Development

Whether you want you want a product to sell or a new way to attract new customers and communicate with old ones, Kimun8ty Technologies can build a mobile application to meet your needs. We can build native and hybrid applications for all four major smartphones and publish them on their unique distribution networks.

Hosting and Publishing

Launching a website or application is most important step in it's development. Whether or not the software was made by us, we can help make sure the world will be able to use what you have. We can host and maintain a website using an Apache server. As well, we can publish and maintain mobile applications on all major distribution networks (Apple iTunes, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, and Blackberry World).

Analytical Reports

In order to make informed and effective decisions, it's necessary to have the most accurate and detailed information possible. At Kimun8ty Technologies, we can provide analytical reports to help ensure your business is on track and to make decisions for the futures. Using Google Analytics and other tools, we can provide custom reports based on the metrics that are most important for your business.

Pricing Models

Monthly Payment Plan

Website or Mobile Application development plan that charges on a monthly bases. It includes:

  • Development of the software
  • Hosting/Publishing software
  • Maintance and Upkeep
  • Monthly analytical reports
  • Cancellation of service at any time

One-Time Payment Plan

Website or Mobile Application development that charges as a one-time payment. It includes:

  • Development of the software
  • Hosting/Publishing software
  • Maintance and Upkeep
  • Monthly analytical reports
  • Complete ownership of code

Single Services

If your looking for a single service, we can provide the following services invidually:

  • Website and Mobile Development
  • Website Hosting and Maintenance
  • Mobile Application Publishing and Maintenance
  • Analytical Report Service


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